We calculate your product carbon footprint!

How much CO2, or rather CO2 equivalents, does my packaging produce? A question that we have been dealing with since 2014 and which is not only of crucial importance against the background of the Green Deal and CSRD (Corporate Social Responsibility Directive).

Together with our external partner Focus Zukunft, we have therefore developed our own CO2 calculator based on the Green House Gas Protocol and can create the product carbon footprint of your packaging cradle to grave on request.

For the correct consideration of CO2 equivalents, we consider the entire value chain, including raw materials and delivery (cradle to customer) and access scientific sources such as ecoinvent, efra or Umweltbundesamt.de.

Investments in CO2-reducing measures such as photovoltaics, energy management and others are a matter of course. However, the biggest influencing factor, responsible for approx. 85% of CO2 emissions, is and remains the raw material. Packaging optimisation and therefore clever ideas from packaging development are therefore the most important lever for jointly minimising the ecological footprint. Contact us – we will be happy to tell you how you can make your packaging even more sustainable!

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