Postal boxes


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for gifts, cosmetics, IT and electronics, fashion,…

  • CP 065

    Economical maxi and large letter format 

    the postage-optimised express courier packet

    • For various items up to A4
    • Quick and easy thanks to double ColomPac® self-sealing
    • 4 sizes optimised for postage
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  • CP 066

    Extra secure shipping 

    the postal boxes

    • Suitable for fragile goods, gifts, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, IT and electronic accessories, etc.
    • Extreme stability thanks to all-round, double-glued edge and corner protection
    • Additional compartment in the cover for documents
    • Postage-optimised sizes
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  • CP 068

    The joy of giving a gift 

    Small and Medium Gift Box

    • Offset printed gift packaging which you can also ship
    • Modern natural matte paper
    • Attractive design with recloseable cover for storage
    • Easy and quick to assemble with additional ColomPac® self-sealing
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  • CP 069

    For changed minds 

    the Return® box

    • For professional despatch and return in one and the same box
    • Assembled in less than 3 seconds
    • Integrated ColomPac® returns seal for professional dispatch of returns
    • Flat base, stacking corners and tamper protection on the sides
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  • CP 080

    The perfect fit 

    modular boxes for eCommerce

    • The modern alternative to push-fit packaging in eCommerce
    • 4-point pre-glued for quick and easy assembly
    • Postage-optimised up to 50 mm packed depth as a maxi letter
    • CP 080.05 Maxi letter especially for Switzerland
    • Flat closed bottom
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  • CP 164

    Already an eyecatcher when you ship it!

    ColomPac® - Fashionbox

    • Available in 4 sizes, perfect for shipping clothing and fashion garments
    • Highly presentable and professional packaging for a unique unboxing experience
    • High advertising effectiveness due to large, printable presentation areas - inside and outside
    • Reusable thanks to snap-on cover
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