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  • CP 085

    The stability marvel in double corrugated cardboard

    • The secure ColomPac® self-sealing saves time and is your authenticity seal
    • Instant bottom for fast assembly
    • Integrated tear open strip for quick and easy opening
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  • CP 151

    Extra-large and twice as strong 

    So that heavy goods arrive safely

    • Instant bottom boxes with double-flute
    • Basic dimensions suitable for pallets up to 600 × 400 mm
    • Version in sturdy double flute
    • Quick folding thanks to the instant bottom
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  • CP 159

    Tamper-proof packaging

    With additional self-sealing on the bottom

    • Bottom secured with additional self-sealing
    • Quick assembly thanks to instant bottom
    • Pallet-compatible basic dimensions
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  • FT 140

    Flexible film fix packaging

    Secure without filling material

    • Suitable for fragile goods, IT and electronic accessories, etc.
    • With flexible film that securely holds sensitive shipping items and protects them against shock and vibration.
    • Can be disposed of without separation in waste paper thanks to single-material packaging (film content < 5%)
    • Can be ideally combined with existing ColomPac® shipping packaging
    • The reliable ColomPac® self-sealing saves time and and is your tamper-evident
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