Long postal boxes


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for plans, posters, mats, lights,…

  • CP 070

    Strong in form and material

    the trapeziodal shipping tubes

    • Suitable for secure shipping of rolled goods such as posters, plans, doormats and much more
    • Maximum stability due to double-wall corrugated cardboard and trapezoidal shape
    • With practical labeling areas
    • Continuous reinforced edges and corners
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  • CP 072

    Swap the circles for squares 

    the long box-section postal tube

    • Suitable for sending posters, plans, mats and much more
    • Quick and easy to set up, and securely closed without plastic lid
    • Can be stacked thanks to square shape
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  • CP 073

    The telescope postal tube

    adjustable length up to 164 cm

    • Suitable for the secure shipment of large dispatch goods in different lengths
    • Flexibly telescopic from 107 - 164 cm in length
    • Connection of the two sleeves with integrated ColomPac® self-sealing
    • Sturdy and secure during transport
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