Naturally climate-neutral

25. February 2020

The team at Dinkhauser Kartonagen has been producing ColomPac® climate-neutrally since 2014 and was therefore a pioneer in the industry. We take our responsibility seriously and want to make an active contribution to climate protection.

Climate neutral means that we have our CO2 footprint calculated by a company that specialises in this area, covering everything from our employees' commute to work, the materials used, production and transport. All aspects are taken into account.

We follow the same strategies at the production site to reduce our emissions to a maximum. For example, in the selection of materials and suppliers, through photovoltaic systems, heat recovery and groundwater cooling in production, optimising inbound and outbound logistics, and modes of transport or the use of electric cars. We are constantly thinking about where and how we can improve further and then implement this.

We offset unavoidable residual emissions through internationally recognised climate protection projects.
This helps to keep the global CO2 balance neutral.

Your benefit
In cooperation with us, you can make your own contribution to climate and environmental protection and also improve your own CO2 balance through climate-neutral packaging. Printing the "climate neutral logo" on your shipping packaging helps your customers to understand how and where the CO2 balance has taken place and you raise the necessary awareness.

If you are already a climate-neutral company, our climate-neutral packaging will certainly also enhance your eco-balance and directly reduce the amount of offsetting.

Guaranteed transparency
The current project and the certificate can be found very easily via the "climate neutral logo" on every ColomPac® package. Simply enter the ID number on the website of Climate Partner or just click here .

Please contact our team directly if you have any further questions.

ColomPac® is climate-neutrally since 2014

ColomPac® is climate-neutrally since 2014